Kisel - 2016 - Individual Work

Which person that lives in your neighbourhood would you like to thank? With Kisel, you can audio record a sweet message, and surprise a person in your neighbourhood. By passing on Kisel, citizens and professionals create a chain of sweet messages throughout the neighbourhood.

In my Final Master project, I developed the project of Kisel in cooperation with the neighbourhood well-being team of Kerstroosplein. This team consists of professionals from the municipality, neighbourhood work Lumens, and the housing cooperations. Their dream is to create a network of citizens and stakeholders that are in touch with each other, and can find each other for support and celebration. I saw the design opportunity of reaching and connecting people, via a product people like to pass on. This resulted in Kisel. I did several usertests in the neighbourhood, and developed different shapes of Kisel.

This video shows a Wizard of Oz prototype in the beginning of the design process. I used this prototype to explore the interaction possibilities. The final, working prototypes can be seen on the pictures above the text.

This video shows how the neighbourhood well-being team adopted Kisel. It shows one of the early prototypes.

“Joanne is in control of her design process and keeps to her planning. She shaped a very open, abstract and complex project into a small and concrete design. What could be improved is going back to the abstract level again, and analyzing the design proposal, instead of staying focusing on it’s promises.” PhilĂ©monne Jaasma, coach M12